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    pretty dead round here. I was asked what happened to eGO ava server today on a german server... people all over the world are asking.... where did we go wrong?

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    Plus a multitude of other reasons that are nobody in DOD:S' fault
    Now 20% more infinite in all directions

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    sad to say and I hate it but the game itself is getting very old
    Shoot to thrill...Play to kill

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    I would like to keep my eGO without admin if that is possible I haven't changed it to e yet. I have found a fairly well populated server to play on and would like to use my eGO tag as sort of rangers patch. I will still seed when I am not playing and online and, do anything requested by eGO. The two realism servers seem to do well they play free for all, then rtv for realism or continue ffa, this happens while admins are on, when the last admin leaves they set up Donner or whatever for the remainder of the time , but anyttime an admin is on they throw up the rtv for realism, every so often

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    It sounds like the server had some pretty massive bugs for a few weeks there (no stats, auto kick, medic) and no one reported it I guess. Looks like the population plummeted in that time as a part of it, perhaps. Coupled with the games age.

    Glad there's some good realism still going on. Maybe ill reinstall at some point to play a bit with you.

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