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    sound fun
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    Shadowplay or it didn't happen

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    if i join imma get destroyed, i have nothing at all. RIP
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3dsam1 View Post
    if i join imma get destroyed, i have nothing at all. RIP
    If you start now, you have over a month to prepare. It's really plenty of time to get what you want/need for this event heh.

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    I'm totally down for this as Kit Starkweather.

    Kit - movie Badlands
    Starkweather - real guy that actually did the crime in Badlands in real life

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    Remember, must sign up to be able to enter the server that day! Got quite a bit signed up already so hurry to get your spot saved. ~ I mean you got till next month, but better now than wait till the day of closing right?

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    Almost 1 month away ~ Be sure to sign up.

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    Better get signed up! 24 people so far!

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