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    Woah kirk, no way, xd.
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    i cant tell if this is going to make things a whole lot better or just confuse the shit out of me, but either way i'm excited!
    remember when hussie signed the back of a receipt that said davekat is canon and we all collectively lost our shit

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    gang gang ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rekt_ View Post

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    Huge thanks to @crc1225 @Arbiter and @EpicFlamingos for putting good work into getting a playable version pushed onto our servers.
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    Woooo! Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put it. We appreciate a ton!

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    This is lit, thanks to all the tech team that worked on this like crc epic and arbiter. and of course SmeaR for cleaning up Arbiter's mistakes.
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