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    Default Extreme Jail times

    Jail times are a little excessive, I can stand waiting around for 30 minutes, But getting upwards of 3 hours is insane. Why would I want to wait for 3 hours doing nothing in a game? I like this server, but not enough to waste that much time doing nothing.

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    The thing is, it's completely up to the officer's discretion (to a degree, we can't go overboard). If I arrest someone for crimes they could receive a max of 3 hours for, it's almost never the case they serve 3 hours. Are they RP'ing with me, are they sitting there personally attacking every officer and generally being extremely toxic? I *almost* always hand out light sentences because I know sitting in jail isn't fun, but if you're gonna scream and kick and call me every name under the sun and attack me, and make my experience dealing with you miserable, it'll reflect on your sentence.

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