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    Default Letís welcome our newest recruits!

    Itís kinda a big deal, so welcome our newest recruits, @mel0n, @marcusthescout, and @MrG to the eGO TF2 community!
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    Welcome you guys to eGO!

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    Welcome, enjoy the stay.

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    Welcome. In case you haven't noticed, this game has hats. They're kind of a big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmosis View Post
    I’ve heard this... care to elaborate?
    As I'm certain our new members can tell you, there is a direct relation of proportionality between hat ownership and skill level. These three must have some cool hats to be allowed into the cool kids TF2 club. Of this I have no doubt and am looking forward to in-game screenshots of their millinery, preferably taken whilst taunting their latest kill.
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    I sold one of my hats for 60€ now i'm real bad at TF2
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