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    Default GameBanana CS:GO Minigames Mapping Contest

    GameBanana CS:GO Minigames Mapping Contest
    5/15/19 | Artist: Coder | Writer: Larry_Da_Lobster | Editor: xValence | #csgo #mapping #contest

    Are you an experienced mapper looking to get your creative juices flowing? Well, look no further because GameBanana is having a CS:GO Minigames mapping contest and EdgeGamers has been invited! Mappers interested in participating in the contest have until July 7th to create a unique and enjoyable Minigames map. The map will be judged on numerous aspects such as design, originality, optimization, and the presence of multi-style games. For more information on the rules and how the judging process works, please refer to the link below:

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    nice job
    Shadowplay or it didn't happen

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    Neato. Can't wait for the cool maps made for this.
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    thats cool

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    @thorgot go for it jb mapper man
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