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    Default I just got banned off the TTT server for cheating, I have 6000k hours in the game.

    I have just been banned from the TTT server for cheating UKZHIzG.png. First it started off as me getting Terrorist in 3 or 4 rounds in a row, after members of the server started joking how an admin was giving me T every round etc...
    After that 4rounds I got Innocent finally, I guess admins were spectating me and they thought I was cheating.
    I have 6k hours in the game and I'm lvl 50on steam (, I am NOT cheating.

    I played ttt on this server around 6-8months ago on the SAME account (this one) and I just started playing ttt again (admins who can acess connection logs can confrim this). I am a long time memeber of the server and it's just kind of ridicolous how I got banned.

    I just wanted to ask any adming to take a second look on my ban, it would be appriciated.

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    Knocked out of the park. Seeing as you found our "Ban Contest" section of the forum, I will be closing this thread and someone should respond to you via your post.

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