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    Default Tequilla & Lampago

    Hi All,

    Just curious if anyone is suspicious of this pair, always in a locked squad in the chopper and insanely accurate to the point you get shot out of the chopper most times. Lampago constantly scores around 80/10 KDR and results in all flags captured and empties the server.


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    They do seem to operate as a heli team but I often find them out in a regular squad. When fighting with them I find nothing wrong with their actions. I have only worried about them as much as I have whenever anyone new and good enters our battlefield but their stats on't seem to show anything "to me". Time will tell.

    We have so many great regular soldiers everyday, and a number of so so players, I think we're lucky to have so many great players come to our server too!

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    I do not find anything strange in them, it's all the time I kill them

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