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    Angry Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Why is it that nobody with any kind of admin privileges don't seem to give a damn when things go for a crap on the BC2 server , baseraping , teamgriefing ; I am on there a lot and would like basic Admin Privileges , like killing an offender and kicking him / them when killing does not work . Every time I go into TS to find an Admin to do something nobody gives a crap and just pass the buck to somebody else that I have to go try and find and then convince to do something , it gets really frustrating . I really like this server and hate seeing it go to shit and having everybody leaving because of a few asshats .

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    The Admins you should be looking for would be in the BF Division section of TS. Also using your in-game name would help if you are looking to be evaluated for promotion.
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    Yea don't hit up the guy that sits in TS 24 hours a day, just for these occasions then whine and cry because no one will help you.

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    or make it no-rules server. problem solved
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    Quote Originally Posted by XM-M8 View Post
    or make it no-rules server. problem solved
    Nope, not an option. Please try again.
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    .... When an admin isn't available, come here and go to "Help" and start typing up a Ban Request. It is your info on these rat -bastards that will hopefully send a message they'll understand in 7 languages (Bans). Believe me I know your frustration, but employ the tools given you to and you may receive some satisfaction for your efforts. For the life of me I don't understand why most folks don't take this route if they are seeking action on these offenders. Thanks for your time....Nut out.
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    Friend only this year I have already made a 10 requests for banishment, it is only to wait that these failures are disappearing

    Amigo sólo este año ya he hecho unas 10 solicitudes de expulsión, que sólo está esperando que éstos desvanecimiento voluntad inútil

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