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    Default Anyone still playing PUBG?

    Recently I have gotten back into PUBG and I’m having a blast with old friends I used to play with. I wanted to see if anyone around here was still active. If not, I highly recommend it since the last few updates have been moving the game in the right direction. If anyone wants to squad up some time shoot me a PM.

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    I have it downloaded on my phone, and that's about it poggers
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    i still play it when my friend wants to, although we don't treat it as a serious game, more of a casual, dicking-around type game and i think that makes it more enjoyable

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    I think we should have atleast one more pubg event just for the old times. @CrossCheck

    It’s too ez for pZ_

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    I have never played the PC version and no I have quit the Mobile one

    Too time consuming

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    Sorry for the late reply, but if the new update is good then I need to update and play. I'd 100% be down to play with y'all!

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    Very late reply

    I play pubg mobile with Freinds if its the only thing i have.
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