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Thread: RP Competition

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    Lightbulb RP Competition

    Throughout next weekend May 17/18/19th everyone will have a chance of winning $1 Million, 500k or 250k - 1st/2nd/3rd place.

    To enter the competition you need to create RP scenario for as many people as possible with as much fun and enjoyment as possible. That includes somewhat planning out the RP and managing the "event" so people don't ruin it for you.

    The 3 people who will create the best RP within the time specified above will get the appropriate above mentioned rewards.


    1. Reply to this post with:
    1.1 Steam name.
    1.2 Character name.
    1.3 RP that you created.

    2. You can team up with people to make it easier to organize the RP. - However only one person will get the reward so talk within each other how you will split it.

    3. The RP event is to be within law. No illegal events will be accepted.

    4. No car shows and races will be accepted (due to those two being most common RP events happening.)

    Additional information:

    As I live in the UK, I might not be able to attend all of the events during that period due to time zones. It will be greatly appreciated if organizers (and people attending) took some screenshots/recordings so I could see the events in action in some sort of way.

    Also It will be appreciated if anyone who will attend to any of the events during the next weekend, will either comment on here or message me directly on discord, with some information regarding the event: whos event, what was the event, if it was fun, well organized and managed and if the idea was unique and original.

    Any screenshots taken can be sent to me directly on discord.

    If there will be some fun events organizes, you not only will have a chance of winning 1 Million in game but also be mentioned on the WLSS newspaper.

    The winners will be decided by myself. Feedback from people attending will be important here (as to me, in many cases it is going to be the only way of knowing what happened) so please feel free to send any info my way during the weekend. That goes to all players, including Leadership :D.

    You have a week to plan it all out. Make it the best you can.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Just a reminder that to be entered into the competition you need to post a reply on here with the info specified above. Feel free to do it last minute so no one else steals the idea. Hopefully well have a lot of fun new RP scenes this weekend.

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