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    Default Ideas on a SCP:SL division?

    I was taking a look through my game library earlier today, and I realized that one of the fun games I have, SCP: Secret Labratory, was just sitting there unplayed for a bit and decided to start it up. I went back in, and I remembered how much fun I had playing the game. I figured that maybe this could be a game that eGO could support eventually. I dont know how it would work, but I do know there's a whole server system where you can add in plugins, and all sorts of stuff to change up the game.

    As for those who dont know what SCP:SL is, it's basically SCP: Containment Breach but a multiplayer version... and for those who don't know what that is well, here's the rundown:

    In the SCP world, There's a foundation known as the SCP Foundation who's goals are to Secure mysterious anomalous objects with unusual effects or properties, Contain said objects and research them, and Protect the global population from finding and/or using said objects.

    Lots of stuff happens here, including the testing of several SCPs against death row inmates known as Class D personnel, research of specific inanimate objects and... oh yeah, containment breaches.

    In SCP:CB, there's a containment breach in one of the facilities, and all hell breaks loose. As a D-Class (or as the community calls them, D-Boys/D-Bois) , Your goal is to escape the facility and somehow survive what seems like an impossible situation to survive.

    In SCP:SL, you play not only as D Class, but also as Scientists who dont care about the D-Class and want to escape, Facility Guards who are supposed to help the scientists and Kill D-Class, and the SCPS themselves who make it their goal to kill everything they find. Theres more to the game, and I'd rather not continue boring people with a wall of text so here's a video guide linked at the bottom of the post.

    Oh and if the description of the game isn't enough, SCP:SL free on Steam.

    With that, Im curious on your thoughts of an SCP:SL division. Would you want to see something like that? what would you wanna do with it?

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    I've always been interested in learning more about the SCP dealio, seen it all around the internet but never looked into it. I'll check it out on Steam.
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