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View Poll Results: 10 years later, have you ever played Minecraft?

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    Default 10 years later, have you ever played Minecraft?

    10 years later, have you ever played Minecraft?

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    Yes. I enjoyed it the most during beta, by far.

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    Best times of my gaming life have been on Minecraft.
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    Yes, used to be addicted to a kit pvp server with custom enchants. Fights took like 6 seconds if you had the best set of armour with the best weapons, only if you hit the person like 10 times instantly without waiting though.

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    I can’t believe Minecraft is older than me.
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    Yes. Quit after they messed with pvp in 1.9. I most likely put 15k+ hours into the game. I am not ashamed.
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    I put at least 3k hours into this game. Back in the early 2010's I played around 100 days on one server before it kind of died. Probably put a lot more hours into it, but only played on one server with a tracker for the time played. Hours still going up, always playing it here and there
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    Honestly this game got me through some stuff.

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    everything before 1.8 was the best part, anything after is just dumb

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