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    Default JB: Allow CTs to close cells

    Feel like this may be controversial but I want to hear what the community thinks. It doesn't make any sense why CTs are not allowed to close cells. Think about a real prison, if a prisoner somehow snuck out of his cell, and opened the cells for everyone wouldn't guards just close them to prevent more people from escaping? Hiding in your cell is the lowest form of rebelling, and CTs having to check each cell so that some T doesn't camp cell, leave when CTs leave main cells, and get a lucky LR is a waste of time. There are secrets in every map that I can think of that don't revolve around main cells, so changing this rule wouldn't result in less rebelling, just more tactical.
    Allowing CTs to close cells would give them more of a chance to win a round, and maybe some of these lopsided 13-1 T win maps would be closer.

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    I believe the cell opening and closing is part of the actual map itself? Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I’m fairly certain it’s part of the maps and not a plugin. Therefore we would have to modify almost every map.

    I can’t imagine a lot of people wanting to get back in a cell either. You’d likely just lose server population.
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    some maps have a close cells button that can be used, it's just considered server disruption if you do (i believe). afaik there isn't a plugin to stop that

    but i'm not so sure on allowing it. it would make cell vents basically useless for anyone except people who spawned there, and in the case of things like vip's armoury teleport, it would be completely useless, save for special days. i like having lights that indicate of there are people in a cell to deter camping, but that would also require editing of most of the maps.

    right now i don't think it should be

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    I'd imagine the reason they didn't allow this was to stop people from being overly cancer. A guard can just wait for three seconds after the first command is given and close the cells and kill everyone in them, racking up an absurd amount of kills. It can also be abused by both teams. Spamming and glitching would become a serious issue.

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    Right now the only map I can think of that you have the ability to close the cells in is chicken island. If cts check that there is no one in the cells they can close it. If they dont check before hand and they do close it its server disruption. Back to the thread, even if you do close the cells its not like the prisoner inside is gonna just slay. Hell sit there until lr or someone opens cells. I think its fine the way it is. Plus you have to change 80%+ of the maps cause they dont have a close cells button
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    I may be wrong but I don’t believe that there is a rule saying that guards cannot close cells. In the rules it states that prisoners can not use buttons like that to close cells but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t say guards can’t. So if on a map where you can close it. I would to prevent rebellersespecially if a t opened it. However I think it can fall under server disruption f say you closed the doors before the 3 seconds to follow the command was given.

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    Pretty sure a lot of maps use to have a close cells button, most were modified and removed back in pG to help prevent server disruption (at least the maps I know of). There would always be problems with T's constantly closing the doors.

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    This is an old thread but this is not something that we plan on adding to the rules in the near future. Like others have said not all maps have cell close buttons nor do we plan on bringing them back. Not to mention there should never really be a reason to close cell doors when the warden could just give a quick command to the prisoners. Such as "Take one step out of your cell face the back of your cell and AFK freeze or freeze in my marker". Thanks for this

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