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    Default Updates: 5/9 - New Phone etc~

    Hey guys,

    Important update:

    New Phone system
    Above head Player IDs moved to F9 instead of 9
    F1 in jail doesn't work (no twittering in jail you criminals)
    /twt does not work but prompts you to make a twitter account.

    If you need any help or a small guide on how to use your new phone, please watch the tutorial below.

    Apologizes for the long tutorial, I'm slow.
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    Current Bugs:

    Do not pull text chat up while you have your phone out. Breaks chat and you won't be able to do /ooc /me till you do "Pageup" or relog.
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    ^^ Haha, that exact thing happened to me. Now I know :p
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    I friken loveeee ittttt
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    Really enjoy it! Thank you Summer, I enjoy the minimal chat going across my screen now. You actually gotta call players to organize something, or do a little planning.
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    this new phone system is actually amazing, I don't get the damn chat continously showing because of people chatting in twt anymore.
    Funniest things i have heard Summer say :
    “ ma'am ma'am! I know you look like a golf cart but that doesn't mean you can be a golf cart”
    "Ughhh can someone go to the bathroom for me. I don't want to get up or do that."
    “So what do you think of his uh...banana”
    “Grandpa! Where is your pants!”
    "I just tackled BigTram in the parking lot of the PD and never felt so ALIVE! Bed will be interesting”
    "First I ban Rekty and now trying to have an event an hr before hand"

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    For anyone interested in custom wallpapers for the phone, 400x800px works very well.

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