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    Default MORDHAU - Post your scores

    This game is AMAZING.

    I don't want to brag (too much) but I'm a BEEEEAST horseriding.

    If you wanna hang out with me on this amazing game, my steam is SigmaMX.
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    Some dude on eGO's TTV: Do you speak spanish?
    Me: Yup, its my native language
    Dude: So you live in the US?
    Me: ...... Sure! I was Booooorn in East L.A.... (with my best Cheech Marin's impression)


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    Was just thinking of making a MORDHAU thread to see who's playing. I haven't screenshotted any of my scores but my best score is probably in high 40s to low 50s.

    I haven't had this much fun in a game in a very long while. It's also the first game, in a while that I have cared less about the unlocks than the actual gameplay. I like how they've handled the unlocks it doesn't feel like a grind for what I want.

    Halbred, executioner sword, and estoc are my favorite weapons.
    Spear goombas suck! Too many archers! I hate backing into fire!!!!! And quit billhooking me off my horse!!!

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    To be honest this would be a good fit for eGO bro the game is growing fast
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    I agree, really trying to pace myself so I don't get burnt out too fast.

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    This game is intensely fun. It feels like a modern more mechanic driven chivalry. Still a noob so I won't be showing off score screenshots for a bit.
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