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View Poll Results: Will you be playing WOW: Classic once it releases?

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  • Yes

    17 16.19%
  • No

    51 48.57%
  • Maybe

    11 10.48%
  • What the heck is WOW: Classic?

    26 24.76%
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    Default Will you be playing WOW: Classic once it releases?

    Will you be playing WOW: Classic once it releases?

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    Ever since Activision bought Blizzard WoW just sucks, wife and I been subbed since Lich King but that ended with Legion, we played Legion but didn't finish it, been trying to talk into going back with little luck

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    typically I would say WOW is but somehow @Godzilla is going to trick everyone into trying it
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    I want to, I just don't want to pay for the actually WoW monthly fee.

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    always :DDDD
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    I cant wait for classic, i wish they'd say when its gonna be released tho :/

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    Im not 100% decided on this, I use to love the old wow and I actually play on a vanilla wow private server from time to time already. I definitely wouldn't mind purchasing it, I just hate the monthly purchase with them.
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    World of Warcraft, I played this religiously for 10 years. I can still remember my 3000 MMR days in 3v3 and 5v5.

    I may end up reinstalling this when this is released as I sure do miss the vanilla days.

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