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    Cool CSGO JB. Adding /hide for T's and /respawn for admins

    I am very very surprised that /hide for T's hasn't been implemented yet. Obviously for CT's it wouldn't be a huge deal, but attempting to play T games while 40 people are stacked on top of you can honestly make some games much more irritating to play out. I don't see it harming gameplay in any way as this mostly just makes the game less irritating to play on T side.

    As for /respawn, I know this is kind of a big deal to be added, but I do have some reasons for it, I've also heard that super high rank admins can res, but I really feel it should be given to lower level admins and policed just like any sort of admin abuse. The main reason for adding this is, of course, is because freekills are unavoidable, doesn't matter what CT's are on the server. Respawning people after very very obvious freekills, e.x somebody tries to shoot a running T and just one taps an afk frozen prisoner, or somebody shoots an ST etc etc, there are just many many uses for the command IMO. I've played on servers where the 2nd tier of admins (I.E eG - eGO ) have the command, and just as with /hide, it makes the game a lot less irritating when someone messes up and you have to AFK for 10 minutes instead of just getting a respawn from an Admin. The only true Issue I see with the command is possible abuse, but that is possible with any command and admins.

    I kind of winded on in that last segment, so my apologies. But to sum it up, I think the quality of the gameplay would improve pretty drastically if /hide and /r were implemented. Thanks boyos 😎
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    +1 to the Hide command as it would be very beneficial to T's. This was suggested in THIS thread not too long ago.

    -1 On letting non-manager admins get !respawn access. I see where you're coming from where we can easily respawn freekilled T's but thats too much power to give to admins. I see it being easily abused either intentional or not. Freekills should be punished by swaps or a ban if severe enough.
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    I agree with Jacko. The !respawn command would be a big responsibility to not misused it on purpose or accidentally. There’s a lot of positives to it but there’s also a lot of negatives. the /hide or !hide command would be super helpful. Players can see where they are going for climb or surf. Don’t see any negatives to this because as you said it would be only for the clients side.

    Btw for some stupid reason I thought the hide command was for redie. That’s why a lot got taken out from my original post.
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    Hide has been added to the server. As for respawn, that's totally up to CS leadership. Will leave this open so they can respond.

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    We are not letting admins respawn players. That's currently only available to leadership and will stay like that for the time being. Thanks for the suggestion!


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