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    Smile Back from the dead, kinda.

    Wow. Hello. It's been nearly 4 years since I last played on eGO. I used to be a moderator on Prop Hunt.
    Didn't remember my login, but here I am now finally after a reset. 100(not an actual bet) that nobody here remembers me.

    How's the community doing? I don't even use rock278 anymore, name's Banement. I don't really intend to play again, but it's nice to checkup on an old community I used to be active in.

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    It’s been good, I haven’t played prop hunt in ages!! Welcome back friend.
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    Well hello, I hope you check in again soon!
    Member Service Admin Trainer for eGO.
    Question about Joining? Or anything else eGO related? Add me on discord, or look for me in teampeak!
    Dryden#0001 /id/elsewhere

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    Heyya. it has been going great, welcome back. Hope to see ya on the Gmod prophunt server or any eGO servers if possible!

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    Welcome back to eGO! Hopefully for good this time.

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    Community is doing great, hopefully you’ll be apart of it for good this time around!

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