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    Smile Back from the dead, kinda.

    Wow. Hello. It's been nearly 4 years since I last played on eGO. I used to be a moderator on Prop Hunt.
    Didn't remember my login, but here I am now finally after a reset. £100(not an actual bet) that nobody here remembers me.

    How's the community doing? I don't even use rock278 anymore, name's Banement. I don't really intend to play again, but it's nice to checkup on an old community I used to be active in.

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    It’s been good, I haven’t played prop hunt in ages!! Welcome back friend.
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    Well hello, I hope you check in again soon!

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    Heyya. it has been going great, welcome back. Hope to see ya on the Gmod prophunt server or any eGO servers if possible!

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    Welcome back to eGO! Hopefully for good this time.

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    Community is doing great, hopefully you’ll be apart of it for good this time around!

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