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    Default CS Server Update Log

    Anytime a server is updated in Counter Strike, we will make a post here with changes.

    Please note: All changes are for us to see how they are received by the community, nothing is ever going to be permanent.

    After any updates we are always wanting feedback, so please let us know if you have any suggestions~
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    CS:S Update 10/5

    General Changes
    The AFK kick time when the server is full has been reduced from 15 minutes to 2 minutes

    Plugin Additions
    Anti Gun Spam - A maximum of 40 weapons can now be on the ground at one time, which prevents server lag/crashing
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    Surf Update 10/7

    General Changes
    You will now be able to see the progress of map voting in a hint box
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    Jailbreak Update 10/15

    General Changes
    Skins will now show up on all weapons, even if they're for the opposite team
    The T beacon during Last CT will no longer give off a sound
    The sm_st command will now pop up the menu, even if a player name isn't given

    General Fixes
    All equipment will now be reset when the next round starts
    Fixed gun loss issues on noscope days
    Warden will no longer be removed upon calling custom freedays
    Fixed warden death sounds so they are heard by dead players

    Map Removals
    jb_bravofinalv5 - Temporary removal due to server crashing. Bug Report
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    TTT Update 10/19

    Map Changes
    ttt_terrortrain_ego_v2 (re-added with changes)
    ttt_hoodrat_ego_v1 (edited)

    Teleporter Changes
    Price has been increased from 1000 to 1250
    Can now only be purchased once per round

    C4 Changes
    Reduced the amount of time before it explodes. Minimum was 20 seconds, now it's 5 seconds.
    Increased the kill radius from 275 to 350

    Traitor Menu Changes
    Changed the order of items to move the more used ones to the front.
    The radar is now purchasable for 2500 credits. This is somewhat like the wallhack but will put a beacon under everyone's feet every 15 seconds.

    General Changes
    The default map has been changed to ttt_nipperhouse2

    General Fixes
    Skins will now now be back on weapons
    Muting will now work normally again
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    Jailbreak Update 10/19

    Map Additions
    jb_bravofinalv5 (re-added)

    Map Edits
    jb_bravofinalv5 - Fixed server crashing issue
    jb_kwejsi_v4 - Lowered disco music volume and range
    jb_sandypicnic_final3_beta_ego - Fixed server crashing issue

    General Changes
    Decreased the amount of maps to exclude from voting from 11 to 9.
    Removed GOTV Bot
    Added server optimizations
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    Minigames Update 10/20

    Map Additions
    mg_lego_course_2_v3 (updated version)
    mg_lego_course_3_v3 (new)
    mg_lego_multigames_v9 (updated version)

    Map Edits
    mg_yotagames - Increased air accelerate to 1000
    mg_100traps_v4_1 - Increased map time to match round time
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    Bhop Update 10/20

    Map Additions

    General Changes
    Added Oryx anti-cheat
    Added Force Map End plugin

    Map Edits
    bhop_aphrodite - Lowered map music volume

    General Fixes
    The timer at the top will now correctly show the amount of time remaining on the map
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    Bhop Update 10/24

    General Changes
    Removed Oryx Anti-Cheat
    Added Bash 2.0 Anti-Cheat

    Config Changes
    Reduced auto-respawn time from 1.5 seconds to 0.0 seconds.
    Reduced the amount of completions of a map to calculate an average timelimit from 25 completions to 10 completions.
    Reduced the amount of time before you can RTV from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
    Removed the ability to extend the map as it caused the map to not change when the time ran out

    General Fixes
    Fixed the issue where the map didn't change
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    Jailbreak Update 10/24

    Map Edits
    jb_jailberd_pg (Fix) - Fixed issue where some players received no scout on noscope days
    jb_kwejsi_v4 (Balancing) - Removed glock from cells, m4 from teleporter, and mac-10 in vents
    jb_moti2_fix (Fixes) - Fixed air acceleration and removed warday button from armory

    General Changes
    Ragdolls will now be removed upon death
    Last CT time has been changed from 5 minutes to 2 minutes with an additional 3 seconds per living prisoner
    Zombies regeneration has been changed from 20hp to 100hp every 5 seconds.

    General Fixes
    Exojumps, parachutes, helmets, and armor will no longer jump around
    Zombies will no longer get weapons
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