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    Default baiting t's to start games early

    A recent problem I've noticed is that some people who take warden will fully explain a game, say something like "taking 10 winners" then go silent and kill anyone who started because they didn't say go, start, or pursue. I think a rule should be added that makes it unallowed to pause after fully explaining a game since there's no other intentions they have by doing this.
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    +1 I agree because the ts are expecting the warden to say go and with the warden pausing its kinda confusing. Plus if you see someone go as a t then your kinda tempted to go to which usually kills around 1/4 of the ts.

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    This has been a huge problem lately. I can see new players being a huge disadvantage though because they will not know it means to begin. Maybe we could change it up so that if people insta pursue, you need to warn people to go back and not pursue. If they dont, then you can kill them.

    Or possibly change it up so you have to set a time to start. When I warden I usually say "Pursue at X:XX", this makes it fair for everyone.

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    T's just have to wait till they hear "Go". Patience is a good thing to learn.
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    It is not that hard to wait for the warden to say go the warden may be looking at something or trying to figure out something in that time just wait for the warden to say GO.

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    +1 With what @Power_Outlet and @Peoples People said, it definitely is something that is recurring everyday. A rule could be set in place where the warden at first tells them to not pursue, then explains the game, following after that command warden must to tell them when to start; a way to let people know to not start and if they do they'll die, yet the warden still has time to explain the game, without having everyone who doesnt want to rebel dying because of the confusion.

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    @Nuke, some people who are relatively new to the server might not know that they have to wait for him to say go

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    I don't disagree with the opinion of that having patience will reward you. Sometimes warden wont kill people who start early or the amount of people who die is intense, like how just a minute ago on maze 13/18 people died. I don't want a strict rule to be implementing forcing a certain way of speaking, but something that would prevent mass extinction of the t's based off of when a word was said instead of a game being played.

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    Don't really think a new rule or addition to the current rules are needed for this. If the Warden doesn't tell them to pursue the game then they shouldn't be pursuing the game, plain and simple. As for new players potentially getting confused by that, Jailbreak is a learning experience, you learn more as you play more.
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    In attempts to prevent new players who don't know better from breaking rules they aren't aware of this seems like a genius idea. After reading through and actually thinking about all this though I can see why it's not a very good idea, and takes away being rewarded for having patience and listening well. Thanks for the feedback from everyone though. There's more then just one part of it and I should of thought more, I was wrong. Sorry for getting upset with a few of you on the server over your opinion towards this. That was childish for not being able to take the criticism.

    Since I disagree with my previous suggestion I was wondering if I could have this thread closed now.
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