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    Default Plans for WoW Classic

    Hey guys, I'm really hyped about what everyone's plans are for WoW Classic. I think it'd be kinda cool to see what everyone wants to do and you could see someone say something in this thread and play with them on release!

    Examples like

    • PvP/RP server
    • Alliance or Horde
    • Do you plan on raiding or doing PvP
    • Any auction house plans to get yourself ahead in the economy
    • What class

    Personally I'll be rolling Horde (Rogue or Mage, undecided) on a PvP server. My grand plans are getting known as a top PvPer in my server, as well as getting a corner on the market to get myself some deep pockets. If anyone else has similar plans let me know!

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    im going for ally on EU server (xd) and be with my main mage i love it, then i will die and go to sleep XD for im bad at pvp even though im at prestige 6 but who cares im still bad
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    Definitely Alliance and probably a hunter or a druid healer as both were my characters back then (with druid still being the one). I will go for PvE that's for sure, and who knows maybe a tiny bit of PvP here and there, but let's see what comes out of this.
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    undead rogue pvp gank central

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    Always have been a warrior in wow. going to switch it up a bit for classic.

    PvP/RP server - RP
    Alliance or Horde - Horde
    Do you plan on raiding or doing PvP - Both
    Any auction house plans to get yourself ahead in the economy - sell potions and herbs
    What class - undead mage
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