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    Default Who I am?

    On Avalanche server I use the alias "Player".

    Simon asked, in a different thread, if this is the end of their dominant DOD run? Hopefully, the answer to that is "No". Since I played DOD for so long, across many servers, and on eGO, I figured that I at least say who I am so that the DOD community knows about me, if this undesirable event is to occur. Since all these years I never said anything about myself other than that I like DOD.

    I am 31 years old, male. I live in New York City, Manhattan. I am married and have a PhD in mathematics. My research interest is in arithmetic geometry. I work as a professor of mathematics in a University. That is what I do professionally. For my hobbies those include, obviously, DOD, and a recent one for a few years, a little bit of powerlifting. I been playing on eGO servers for a very long time. My old account is: Here. (In case you are wondering, why a new account? That is because Avalanche was a new server for me, so I had to start with a fresh statistics, to check which kind of play-style improves my performance levels, playing on the old account would caused conflation and not allow me to properly analyze my performance. It is not because I am banned, contrary to what people think).

    The first time I got DOD, the original game, was back in 2001, when it came out, and I played it until 2004. Then one of my computers broke down, and I did not really play any games, and just naturally went away from DOD. From 2004 until 2009 I played no DOD at all. But I heard, in 2006, Valve made a new DOD game. I was excited and always wanted to try it but never had a computer strong enough to run it, or other more modern games. When I finally got a better computer in 2009 the very first thing I did was install DOD. I could not stop playing the game.

    From 2009 to 2011 I played casually. Join a server, play for a bit, then leave, pretty much each day when I had some time. But in 2011 it turned into an obsession. I would no longer "play casually". I would dedicate myself to a map and learn every aspect of it. I played from 2011 to 2014 on a server called "BattleGrounds", they had a very popular Anzio server. I manged to rack up 100,000 kills on that server before they shut it down. Each month I would drastically improve, better and better and better. When they shut down the server I would play a lot of the eGO Anzio server and Merril Marauder's. Both servers shut down (actually MM is back up) eventually. The years 2014 and 2016 was were my obsession took an all time high.

    I joined the competitive DOD scene somewhere back in 2013 but never dedicated that much time for it. Now I been playing matches, practices, and public servers, as much as I could. One summer, in 2015, I believe, I spend my entire summer vacation, almost 4 months, just playing DOD. Absolutely nothing else. Just DOD, DOD, DOD, and even more DOD. I would be dreaming of DOD all day long. I be practicing my matches, and playing on my favorite public servers. I even managed to exceed 100 hours in 2 weeks of playing at one point during that summer.

    But as the game got smaller and smaller, I gradually played less, until the other servers I played on disappeared, and I was forced to migrate to Avalanche, a map I really do not like. Now I been playing on Avalanche consistently from 2016.

    As of current I have managed to accumulate about 7,000 hours in DOD and a combined total of 500,000 kills.

    I have two Montage videos. One is for public servers, and one is for competitive servers. In case you are interested you can find them Here and Here.
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    Thanks for sharing a little about you @Cubey. You were definitely a mystery until now! I had forgotten "Companion Cube" was also you.

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    you just never know who your in game with -thanks-interesting--Im just an old dude-54 -wife, 4 kids-work 2 jobs -veteran - old school all the way - but still love gaming -it helps me forget real
    Shoot to thrill...Play to kill

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