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View Poll Results: If you could, would you work in the video game industry?

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  • Yes

    59 48.36%
  • No

    26 21.31%
  • Maybe/not sure

    37 30.33%
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    While CompSci is for me, game development really isn't.

    I would rather work IT on minimum wage than be hired by Blizzard with high hopes only to be assigned Diablo Immortal.

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    Only if I was paid hourly, especially with how long those guys work. Similar situation with where I work now - thank god I'm hourly.

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    imma be a teacher, and ill probably teach esport, since it's pretty common in schools here.

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    Im going to Uni RN for buisness Marketing then again for game design. Im gonna be openning my own studio in 4 years so hmu if u got game ideas and we can make it happen! I got the funding!

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    Iím not entirely sure, Iíd probably look into part time work but thatís about it!

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    I have a very vague idea of video game coding, but if i had continued studying it, i wouldv created team fortress 3 by now

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    It's difficult. I've been hearing a lot of horror stories from developers about how they're treated, and it makes me question whether I'd ever want to work in an industry like that. However at the same time, a lot of jobs are like that; where you have to absolutely grind and shove yourself into the ground with work to make a name for yourself before you can get something nicer.

    I guess at the end of the day it depends on the company and what you're qualified to do, and how nice your resume/references look. If I knew I could get a nice job outside the rat race, of course I'd take it.

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