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View Poll Results: Have you ever went to any esports tournament/s?

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  • Yes

    25 23.15%
  • No

    44 40.74%
  • Nope; but I would like to at some point

    39 36.11%
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    Default Have you ever went to any esports tournament/s?

    Have you ever went to any esports tournament/s?

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    No. I don't think I ever will. Cons and charity events are one thing, but I don't think esports stuff is something I'll ever travel for.

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    Small LAN tournament, everyone knew each other and it was pretty fun; 10/10 would go again
    =(e)= February 20th 2019
    =(eG)= July 4th 2019

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    Used to compete in the old Call of Duty: Modern Warfare LAN events for small cash prizes, was always lots of fun and went to a few small CSGO tournaments too. They're lots of fun and great ways to meet people that enjoy the same stuff as you

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    Went to MLG Columbus 2016, met TimTheTatman, Summit1g, MojoOnPC, Shroud + the rest of C9 (he was still active on their CS roster). Got a snapback signed by them all too, would love to go to another one if it's hosted in the US and reasonably close.

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    So many to list.

    CPL 2005 Winter
    CPL 2005 Summer
    CPL 2007 Winter
    CPL 2007 Summer

    WSVG 2006
    WSVG 2007
    IntelLAN Fest 2009
    Quakecon 2007
    Quakecon 2008
    Quakecon 2009
    Quakecon 2010
    Quakecon 2011
    Quakecon 2012
    Quakecon 2013
    Quakecon 2014
    Quakecon 2015
    Quakecon 2016
    Quakecon 2017

    Quakecon 2018
    MLG 2007
    MLG 2008
    MLG 2009
    MLG 2010

    Bold = Paid/Non Paid Shoutcaster at event

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    Participated in an MLG X-Games qualifier in 2014 for call of duty

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    If I was older, I could have gone to local tournaments my dad used to go to for CS way back in the early 2000's, but they're all too expensive for my taste right now

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