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    I would like to know what you guys would rate Avengers Endgame out of 10. I personally would rate it between a 9-9.5/10 for a couple reasons. The reason it did not get a full 10/10 for me is it did start of sorta slow (after the opening scene) and took a while for the plotline to kinda get going. But for me once it got going it was amazing imo. I really enjoyed all the different battles as I felt like each one was very satisfactory. I am very sad that it ended and what happened during the movie (those that have seen it know what I am talking about). It will be interesting to see how Marvel shifts into phase 4 after Endgame now.

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    8. Lost points due to the lack of screen-time for a lot of characters, and the cliche ending. Gets points for: That absolute killer of a beginning scene, (you know which one i'm talking about) and the final battle being overall awesome.
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    9-9.5 for me too. It had me laughing, crying and everything in between multiple times.

    The opening scene was incredible, one of the best I've seen for a long time.

    It had some amazing moments that I was hoping would appear from the comics, and even had some that I didn't predict!

    The main thing that is kinda funny/also irritating is how the whole plot line rests on a random rat flipping a switch.
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    Yeah I can understand the lack of screen time, but with RDJ and Chris Evans contract running out after this movie they needed as much screen time out of them as possible. I don't know that it was a cliche ending either unless you mean what Stark does, then I can see how that is a bit cliche. Even if it is cliche I still love how they made it imo an amazing version of it for the ending.

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