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    Default May 15 | Paintball


    Paintball will be held on Wednesday, May 15
    4pm PDT / 6pm CDT / 7pm EDT


    Event Description
    You get paintball 2 guns, both shoot paintballs. Try not to get hit

    Event Server:

    Event password will ONLY be given out in TeamSpeak

    Don't forget to join our CS Steam Group! You will receive notifications on our current and future events!
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    Probably be a lil late for this but definitely wanna shoot some paint

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    I am looking forward to this!!!!
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    hek ye
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    I'm so in! Someone remind me please!

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    Definitely would come but I unfortunately got called in to work on that day. Have fun everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peloc View Post

    Paintball will be held on Friday, April 26
    April 26th btw

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    i'll try to be there, but april 26 is a bit hard to get to, i dunno
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    i would come but getting ready for exams in Danish

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