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Thread: High Dive JB

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedDragonKnight View Post
    Something tells me the ladder probably isnt supposed to be invisible.
    the fact that there's an incendiary at the top and that the ladder is high enough off the ground that you have to jump for it kinda says to me that it's meant to be invisible and a t secret
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    I think CT's have a rough time as it is with T's getting the majority of the round wins. As long as the CT stays in T sight and isn't attempting the high dive jump I'd say he's fine to use that vantage point since he isn't pursuing the actual game.

    When it comes to the secret behind the high dive however that I agree shouldn't be allowed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacko View Post
    Rebel Nation is spreading in the forums. Rebel Nation WILL LOSE
    You mad? RebelNation will NEVER lose!

    But honestly, I think if there's a couple of CT's that know how to counter secrets, and how to PROPERLY watch does secrets they can easly win. Ct's either die to LR or to Rebelers.

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    I understand where you're coming from, but I don't agree with making it a rule to where CT's can't sit up there. As long as they aren't pursuing the actual game (jumping off high dive to land in the pool), and are in sight of T's then they're fine imo.
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    So as it stands there isn't anything wrong with CTs standing on top of High Dive as long as they are in sight of prisoners and not actively playing the game. If you see someone jumping off the diving board rather than back tracking to get out of the game then feel free to report it to a present administrator. Climb on the other hand is completely different from this as you are actively pursuing the map game to gain a vantage point, this isn't allowed.

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