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View Poll Results: Should auto bhop be turned off of MG server on CSGO?

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  • Yes remove autobhop

    2 16.67%
  • No dont remove autobhop because i like everything being done for me

    10 83.33%
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    Default Turn auto bhop off of Minigames server

    Imo its pretty brutal when everyone just auto bhops around the map right at the beginning of the round. Or, they prolong their death my auto bhopping everywhere. It seriously takes away from the minigame factor when everyone can just hold down space bar and zip across the map in two seconds. Autobhop is the worst crutch for minigames. If you want to bhop, learn how.

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    Moved this to suggestions. It has been a suggestion before, but let us see if opinions have changed.

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    lmao no. Autohop should maybe turned off on some maps, but all together yeah no

    also I dont like the passive aggressive no option :V

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    Just to clarify before this goes any further, it IS possible to enable/disable auto bhop on a per map basis.
    =(e)= 08-02-2016
    =(eG)= 12-25-2017
    =(eGO)= 2-7-2018

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    Yes awp maps already have autohop disabled
    (Other than awpmulti games)

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    well if bhop gets removed on certain maps im actually willing to play the server again, for thats the only reason im not playing on the server, because of bhop
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