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    Hey my name is Ishotmytoaster. (I did shot my toaster if you are gonna ask) I hope to be a great member to this community. I am mainly active in csgo TTT and Jb and yeah. I am old but my voice is trash and no one can pronounce me. Sorry if this bothers you if I play warden. :c
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    Welcome to the Edge Gamers!

    Your voice is not old, but has wisdom in it!

    Don't let people tell you otherwise!

    Have fun in TTT and JB and enjoy our servers!

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    Damn yo, I can pronounce your name right! Also my voice is kinda broken right now (so mine is worse anyway) due to catching a cold but I hope to see you on TTT my dude!

    Also welcome to eGO! ^^
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    Hello, Welcome to EdgeGamers. Please do and enjoy the stay here while you can. There is nothing wrong with your name and being old. Don't say stuff like that. No one is perfect, we all have flaws. Just enjoy and ignore whomever is telling you things that hurts you.

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    I have to ask - how old is "old"?

    Welcome to eGO though.

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    Welcome to eGO!!! enjoy gaming!
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    Hey, it's alright my voice isn't the greatest and I'm 19 years old, anyway hope you enjoy gaming here. Enjoy the stay.

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    Welcome to eGO! Enjoy your stay here with us!

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    Finally joined eh Hope to see you in TTT again soon!

    Welcome to the community!

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