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Thread: CSGO JB logs

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    What Im suggesting is to have the logs show when warden was selected and when wardens call special days. Im suggesting this as it would help admins a lot. For example when a warden calls hg we would be able to see what time and See if they opened cells in time. Also unless the admin online has a recording they have no way of knowing if the person died before or after warden got selected. This would give us a general idea of if a person got freekilled or not

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    This used to be a thing, well when warden was selected at least. I have a feeling it was broken due to a dodgy update from VALVE and it went under the radar for some time. +1 though, it helps a lot when trying to determine a freekill.
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    Sorry for the delay. We will be utilizing a slightly different logging system in JB 2.0 and this will be included. I will see if we could even possibly push it to the current version in the next week.
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    That would be awesome. I’m sure all the admins from jb thank you
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    I'll take a closer look at this this weekend and see what the deal is.

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    This has been implemented. Thanks for the suggestion~

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