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Thread: GMod Meeting!!

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    Exclamation GMod Meeting!!

    Hello members of the Garry's Mod place thing here in EdgyGamers! This Saturday, we will be having a meeting to discuss recent changes to the way things are running and some changes that are fast approaching, as well as an update of how things are going for us. It will happen directly after an event that's being hosted and we will keep it limited to a maximum time limit of an hour, although I believe we'll finish before that time.

    Saturday, April 27th at 9PM ET
    8PM CT
    7PM MT
    6PM PT/Arizona

    Important things will be discussed, so please be there. If you're not there and changes happen later, you're not allowed to complain about them. I also realize a very popular movie is coming out this weekend, so I'll give you this advice. Come to the meeting instead of that movie because it's going to be crowded that night. Go one night on a weekday next week so it won't be as packed.

    Hope to see you all there!!

    P.S. Sorry that I didn't give a longer notice on this. I've lost track of my days recently

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    Hopefully I'll be there!! I do have plans this weekend so if I'm not there, you know I'll bug you about it ASAP :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mama Bear View Post
    Hopefully I'll be there!! I do have plans this weekend so if I'm not there, you know I'll bug you about it ASAP :D
    Hopefully your plans are attending the meeting.
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    Too late, bought the tickets a week ago since Friday was gonna be packed, and I refuse to hear/see spoilers...

    Good news is that the movie wasn't gonna be during the meeting, bad news is that i had prior commitments after the movie anyway and Idk when I'll be back

    As for that upcoming update, I smell a server update coming up soon... that and an EC update... I'm hoping for great things in case I miss it all

    and if I don't make it... im gonna bug Mama about it since she seems to know everything nowadays xD

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    you forgot to put HAST in the time zones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Satan View Post
    Hopefully your plans are attending the meeting.
    I made plans with my family plus my brother is moving back in tomorrow so I didn't know but plans got cancelled and my brothers moving in before then (hopefully).

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