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    Cool Hey, my name is snowy!

    Hey, my name is Snowy. I've been in eGO since late December of 2018 and I've had an absolute blast, yes I've had a shaky start, but eGO staff and it's members have been truly amazing.

    First of all, huge shout out to @2020Vision and @PeoplesPeople they've been my buds ever since joining eGO and have helped me fit in with the community.
    Secondly, You'll mainly see me play on Jailbreak and TTT, but I've played on the FiveM servers also.
    Lastly, on JB I like to maintain being the cancer warden and being the fun warden honestly depends on the T's. I never try to be intentionally toxic it's all in fun! #REBELNATION!

    I've fallen in love with eGO and the people surrounding it and I'm very proud of the community.
    Other thanks to @kaZZ @Matt @Corrupted @Jake and StaticJake. #RIPOmgRendo
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    ~ =(e)= 1/16/2019
    ~Banned 3/10/2019
    ~Unbanned 4/10/2019
    ~ =(eG)= Not Yet
    ~ =(eGO)= Not Yet

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    Well, its glad to see you make an introduction
    Member Service Admin Trainer for eGO.
    Question about Joining? Or anything else eGO related? Add me on discord, or look for me in teamspeak!
    Dryden#0001 /id/elsewhere

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    Welcome, hope you enjoy the stay.

    Event Coordinator Manager for Member Services
    Interested in joining and a G level admin? Apply here

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    Hey @Snowy,

    Welcome to eGO!
    Join my Discord server, very active, daily give aways and over 5k members! If you're from Edge-Gamers, you'll be given a special role. Join now!

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    Welcome to eGO! Enjoy your stay here with us!

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    Welcome. I though I saw that name before. Ehh maybe is a gust. So Welcome to eGO.

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