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    Angry Why does the tf2 forum have so many viewers but so few new posts

    Post something, anything. People post something, I want to see this thread active with whatever tf2 related, post cool clips, bugs, cool things you find on servers. Something please! Don't be shy

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    It's most likely the robots of the internet viewing it aha

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    Well they should come out of their shells and start being more social butterflies ))))) I will try to post more and so should other people

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    I did notice that awhile back, I guess some people don't like to talk much but rather see what other people post.

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    I just lurk here now

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    Why tho, what's the fun in lurking. It's more fun to start a conversation about something you care about or something that interests you in tf2

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    i lurk around and post if its a cool subject
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    Lol, I too just lurk around

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    i still check this almost daily.
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    I check almost every day too but there are hardly any new posts so it kind of sucks

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