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    Default Avenger End Game Fan Spoil

    Give me your best meme spoilers of Avenger end game

    Example: Thanos slept with Hillary Clinton

    Don't post real spoilers though

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    Antman grows to become huge, shoves thanos up his ass and then shrinks
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    Batman dies and Spongebob slept with Black Widow and Hawkeye gets triggered and kills everybody.

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    Shrek, Timmy Turner, Jimmy Neutron, @zimm, Slenderman and Chuck Norris appears on the movie :<)
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    Hawkeye is secretly thanos using the reality stone, and blackwidow is actually Harry potter who actually killed dumbledoor and not snape
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    Thanos is in a relationship with the Hulk. They are in true love, and Thanos uses the gauntlet to produce a child for themselves.

    From the love of this child he realizes why people overpopulate.

    He reverts the snap and doubles the universes resources.

    The end.

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    Nothing happens. It is just 3 hours of the remaining Avengers going back to their normal lives. Thor becomes a Mcdonald's cashier and Hulk got multiple prison sentences for ****ing up buildings. Iron man flies rockets for a living. Antman goes to work for an ant colony and the rest of the survivors create a sitcom together.

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