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    Default Mechanic shop and RP/Fleet Suggestions

    Potential Flatbeds

    [Nope- ELS ]


    Potential New Shops

    replace current HQ with this for more space better vehicle maneuverability

    (Paleto Shop Re-added) (Airport Shop Removed)

    Potential RP Change

    all Pain and Sprays except the on in Paleto, the one on Harmony, and the one at the potential new HQ to drive people to us to get their car modded.

    Thank you for your Time ~Inkery
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    I Guess ill bump this so it doesn't get lost

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    me like truck; truck do big lift
    Pepsi Man on the scene

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    Thanks AdvisorInkery thanked for this post

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    Quote Originally Posted by JollyDoctor View Post
    Anything to improve RP is always a +1
    That's always true although this post has been here waiting over a month and I got no idea the progress of anything R.I.P

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