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    Default Skyblock needs some love!

    Hey everyone,

    Grinded the heck out of skyblock for around 8 hours a day for my spring break (ik, probs not healthy) but it is what it is and I found myself on island top.

    Currently I have a max-functioning AUTO:
    - Cactus Farm
    - Melon Farm
    - Pumpkin Farm
    - Chicken, Pig, and Cow Farm
    - Mob Farm

    However I have currently hit a wall. I have too much cobblestone I could fill up my ENTIRE island twice, over 2 stacks of iron and gold blocks, but really don't have any motivation to continue playing.

    Some problems are:
    * There is no shop, I have no way of making money of they jobs (which aren't too lucrative unless I want to place walls for 100 years)

    * Hopper limit: I like the idea of having a limit so the server doesn't kill itself, but I am basically the only person on & with epichoppers it removed a lot of the laggy functionality of hoppers in the first place.

    * Add way to obtain building blocks and such. Currently I am at the point where challenges are just something to do, and no longer are needed to progress my gameplay. All I really want is pretty blocks and materials in which I can build cool things with.

    * Make voting crates better. Everyone can do it, however I voted 5x and got cookies, and 64 cobblestone (renamed in an ugly color AND I didn't even get 64!)

    * Remove 'It's a party' challenge (get 4 people on your island) as it makes me sad cuz there is never anyone else on.

    * Add a way to get dirt! Going off the shop, idc if I have to grind for 24 hours just to get x16 dirt, I just want a way I can make auto-farms.

    * Give value to valuable blocks (iron, gold) by upping their island value in the config

    * Add more rare blocks to generators so it becomes worth it to have many of them (Maybe 0.01% diamond, or something ridiculous) Add redstone and maybe even dirt too

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    Replace Skyblock with Sky Factory 4.

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    Replace Skyblock with Sky Factory 4.
    Why? I think Modded gamemodes die out just as quick, if not quicker then gamemodes like Prison, Skyblock etc. The reason skyblock doesn't have players is because it's just boring at the moment, and it really needs some content updates.

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