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    Cool [MS] Cards Against Humanity! 4-21-19

    Cards Against Humanity

    Host: Demonic
    Co-Host: N/A

    Cards Against Humanity is a browser-based game that allows each player to come up with a set of uniquely hilarious cards that chain together to make hilarious sentences. The "Card Czar" picks a starting card, and the players have to use their own cards to try and create the best mix of cards to become the "Card Czar," and whoever has the most points at the end wins the game!

    How do I attend?
    Make sure that you're in our Teamspeak ( at the time displayed below. If a browser game, make sure to register beforehand so you're able to join as soon as possible, it'll make more time for playing.

    Date: 4/21/19

    Game Link(s)
    Game website/link

    Event times
    PST: 4PM | EST: 7PM

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    Wish I could make it to this but I got work until 8, sounds like fun though.

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    I want to make it but I might not be back in time.
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    I have the game at my house and its a bomb everytime i have visits.
    Some dude on eGO's TTV: Do you speak spanish?
    Me: Yup, its my native language
    Dude: So you live in the US?
    Me: ...... Sure! I was Booooorn in East L.A.... (with my best Cheech Marin's impression)


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