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    Cool [MS] Secret Hitler! 4-20-19

    Secret Hitler

    Host: Demonic

    Secret Hitler is a game that revolves around two teams; the Liberals, and the Fascists, however, one of those Fascists, are a special player known as "Hitler." In this game, there are multiple ways to win. The Liberals must effectively enact five Liberal policies to destroy the Fascists, or the Liberals can attempt to assassinate Hitler, while the Fascists must successfully enact six Fascist polices and make Hitler president. The team to accomplish one of these goals first wins!

    How do I attend?
    Make sure that you're in our Teamspeak ( at the time displayed below. Due to Secret Hitler being a browser game, make sure to register beforehand so you're able to join as soon as possible, it'll make more time for playing.

    Date: 4/20/19

    Event times
    PST: 5PM | EST: 8PM

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    Can’t make it but I wish I could
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