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    Default A Tier List For A Dying Love of Mine

    In spirit with me being in love with underrated/"dying" games, I spent a stupid amount of time writing a tier list for a game that no one plays. Titanfall 2 is an excellent movement shooter that has similarities with old school shooters like quake, and was developed by the same guys who made the "good" Call Of Duties (MW2 etc.). So in hopes of leading a few players into this awesome game, I made a tier list.
    P.S. The game is around 7 dollars (USD) on origin usually, and if nothing else, the campaign is INCREDIBLE. I don't say that lightly. Without further ado, the list.

    Trash’s Titanfall 2 Tier List
    -As of March 2019

    So, here’s my version of a tier list as far as Titanfall 2 goes. There will be 3 categories, Superior (S), Average (A) and Failure (F). Each listing will be given a little blurb about its ranking and little things about it that might help you in terms of using it. Also, this is a COMPETITIVE TIER LIST and not a “shits and giggles” or “for fun” tier list. Many of the weapons in this game have a certain fun factor that applies, but this will not be relevant for my list. I will be assuming you want to be the best you can be and sweat as hard as you can to win. Each category will be listed separately and be based on the in-game category it holds.

    Let’s Begin.

    Tactical (Abilities)
    Cloak- (A)
    An excellent choice for a stealthy player, and very good at taking out/ messing with titans. Often utilizing high damage weapons and surprising players is a great and effective way to run Cloak. Be mindful of the fact that players can see your silhouette, though you are perfectly invisible to Titans (except when carrying a battery). In addition, every time you attack, your Cloak will flicker or fade.

    Pulse Blade- (S)
    Pulse Blade allows for you to throw a kunai which provides wallhacks to your whole team in the area where the blade was thrown. Excellent for gathering information and catching enemies off guard. Additionally, the blade itself is an instant kill if it hits a pilot or minion, which is less of a practical attack and more of a lucky trick-shot or used to embarrass opponents. Needless to say, free wallhacks on demand is extremely powerful.

    Grapple- (S)
    Honestly worth being put in a tier of its own for how overpowered it is. The grapple allows for the best movement in the game, the highest speeds, and lets you move in such a way that your hitbox is actually lagging behind you, making it even more difficult for opponents to hit you. I cannot describe how busted this thing is, the best way to see it in action, is to look at YouTube videos about it. Just trust me on this.

    Stim- (S)
    Stim provides a doubled movement speed, in any way whatsoever, better jumping, and automatically increases your health regen to be much faster. This is probably the second-best ability in the game, though some would argue it is on par with Grapple. A safe bet either way. There isn’t a situation you can be in where popping your Stim is a bad choice.

    A-Wall- (A)
    As much as I hate to say it, this ability is actually very, very strong. Utilized mainly by campers and snipers who don’t want any interruptions, competition or retaliation, the A-Wall provides a 100% damage resistance from one side and amplifies the damage of everything from the other. As you can imagine, this can be used to great effect, and is extremely frustrating to fight against, though experienced players can often simply out-play an A-Wall player, it is nevertheless frustrating to get killed by someone crouching in a corner with an A-Wall up, Spitfire in hand and not a drop of self-respect in their body.

    Phase Shift- (A)
    I was seriously debating if this should be “S” tier or not, and eventually thought that if I was questioning myself, maybe I should just put it into “A” tier. This tactical is definitely right in the edge of being “S” tier though. Phase Shift allows for you to temporarily “phase out” of reality and during this time, you are almost entirely invulnerable. This is extremely powerful in nature, but there are a few drawbacks, for one, when you disappear, you leave a cloud of smoke, and if this cloud is shot when you use your ability, you will still take a bit of damage. Also, when you phase out, you go to a greyscale version of the level you are in, and while you are in this dimension, you can be killed by other Phase Shift pilots, though this is incredibly, astronomically rare. The main reason I couldn’t put this as an “S” tier, is because it doesn’t solve a problem, it just delays it. If you are running from danger and you phase out, you don’t regenerate your health, and as such, good players will just wait for you to pop back out and kill you then.

    Holo Pilot- (A)
    This ability is widely regarded as the worst ability in-game; however, I beg to differ. With Holo Pilot, you can create a hologram of yourself which will mimic your last action, with the exception of firing your weapon or reloading. With this, you can play mind games with people, feign death, fake out opponents to get to safety, fake out titans to get to safety, bait enemies into bad positioning, and many more manipulations are possible. I find that people don’t really use Holo Pilot to its full potential a lot of the time, and it doesn’t help that Grapple and Stim are so incredibly dominant over the other abilities. Give Holo Pilot a chance, and play with your opponents, I can guarantee a good time.

    Ordinance (Grenades)
    I’m going to be brief with this, all of the ordinances besides electric smoke grenade are really good.

    Frag Grenade- (S)
    Great instant-kill damage when “cooked” properly, excellent in virtually every situation, and works wonders on clearing objectives.

    Arc Grenade- (S)
    Super broken ability to stun and mess up the vision and movement of both pilots and titans from virtually any range. Stupidly overpowered in the right hands.

    Firestar- (S)
    Very strong area denial and raw damage. Great for dealing damage to titans, and if you score a hit to the cockpit, you’ll effectively blind any titan you hit. 1-shot-kills pilots if you hit directly.

    Gravity Star- (S)
    Excellent for movement-based interaction. You can trap enemies for stupidly easy kills, and you can use the explosion to launch yourself at ridiculous speeds across the map at the cost of some health. Great for killing grunts as well in minion-based game modes.

    Electric Smoke Grenade- (F)
    Disappears too quickly and is basically only useful as a crummy, half-baked smoke screen that’ll get yourself killed more than enemies. Doesn’t do enough damage.

    Satchel- (A)
    Very good if you have time to set up the satchels like landmines, in cases where opponents chase you. Deals excellent damage against titans. Unfortunately, the Firestar does most of this better, and faster.


    Assault Rifles

    R-201 Carbine- (S)
    The R-201 has always been a very solid choice, effectively the best all-around assault rifle, with the stats to match. With virtually no recoil while ADS (aiming down sights) and excellent damage numbers, the R-201 leaves little to be desired, with the mild exception of hip fire (firing whilst not aiming down sights) accuracy. Be sure to keep enemies in mid-range and down your sights for the best results.

    R-101- (S)
    See above. The only difference with the R-101 and R-201 is that the R-101 is from the previous Titanfall game, and as such will sometimes strike a chord with older Titanfall players. Functionally identical to the R-201 in stats, the only difference is the scope. ADS to win.

    Hemlok BF-R- (A)
    The Hemlok is an interesting addition, utilizing a burst fire mechanic in lieu of an automatic or semi-automatic fire style. This gun has been nerfed a couple of times, and unless you aim for headshots/ have amped weapons active, will have an inferior TTK (time to kill) than most other assault rifles in the game at this point.

    G2A5- (S)
    This weapon also referred to as “The Carbine” is certainly nothing to scoff at. The raw damage dealt by this weapon cannot be understated. At the worst times, this weapon will always provide a reliable 3 shot kill at any range, and with nearly laser perfect accuracy while ADS, and a rate of fire of 420 rounds per minute, the raw damage is nothing to brush over. Truly a marksman’s rifle. Highly effective at medium to long range, though it does somewhat lack in both hip fire potential and close-range reactivity, this is more than made up for with raw damage. A side note, using amped weapons or hitting headshots with this weapon is something truly terrifying.

    V-47 Flatline- (F)
    This assault rifle marks the first entry into the “F” tier, though not by much. This gun is firmly at the top of “F” tier and could very well be good if it weren’t for the extremely wild spray pattern of this weapon. Careening from side to side creating a “Flatline” while spraying, this gun requires active recoil control and memorization, which in a game as fast as Titanfall 2 is easily punishable. Don’t even think about using this while hip firing, you’d be lucky to hit the broad side of a barn.

    Sub Machine Guns (SMG’s)

    CAR- (S)
    Easily one of the most, if not the most consistent weapons in the game, the CAR rewards sharp-shooting players with an extremely fast TTK and excellent damage at virtually all ranges excluding the most distant of targets. Of note with this SMG, it is actually far more viable to hip fire, than to ADS, as the hip fire accuracy of this gun cannot be understated. Many of the most seasoned players of the game gravitate towards this SMG, and with its stats and early unlock status, it isn’t difficult to see why.

    Alternator- (S)
    I was extremely tempted to put this SMG in a class of its own. With some of the best DPS (damage per second) values in the game at close range, and an extremely overpowered tap-fire potential at long ranges, this gun is by far the most used gun in all of Titanfall 2. With lightning fast times to kill and good accuracy at every range excluding the longest, provided you tap-fire, this gun is the choice for the try-hard and the pro alike.

    Volt- (F)
    Being the only SMG in the “Failure” category, you might be confused as to why. The answer is easily answered, travel time on bullets, and slow TTK. The Volt, while having excellent accuracy values, is somewhat misleading, as for every shot you fire, there is actually a delay between you pulling the trigger, and the bullet coming out, and again, from when the bullet comes out, to where it lands. This is due to the fact that the bullets fired by the Volt are actually small energy projectiles, rather than hitscan (hitscan refers to a type of damage where the moment you fire a bullet, the damage is instantly calculated). Not the worst gun in the game, but far, far from the best.

    R-97- (S)
    Another weapon I was tempted to put in a class of its own, for two distinct reasons. Ease of use, and very low TTK. The R-97 is what most fps players would refer to as a “bullet hose” where any misses are made up for with an absurd rate of fire, and a spewing of bullets downrange. This weapon is so powerful, that it is actually banned in competitive play for Titanfall 2, for both of the aforementioned reasons, and is currently the only banned weapon in the game. That alone should say something.

    Light Machine Guns (LMG’s)

    Spitfire- (S)
    The Spitfire, or as some people refer to it, the “Shitfire” is an exceptional LMG for a number of reasons. An extremely large magazine, of 80 high powered rounds, with moderate recoil and a stunning rate of fire, makes this the gun of choice for the camper, or “Sentry Gun Player” and as such, has earned both the ire and respect of the community. Just don’t be surprised when people are raging at you in chat for using it. As a side note, if you use this weapon with amped weapons or the A-Wall tactical ability, be prepared for the entire server to band together to relentlessly focus and kill you for being such a terrible person.

    L-STAR- (A)
    An excellent choice of LMG for a number of reasons. The primary one being that you maintain a high movement speed, with the rate of fire and damage of an LMG, with the downside being that your rounds are bright pink, large, and have a significant travel time. However, contrary to most LMG’s, this one seems to be made for catching people off guard and punishing bad positioning. Also, in modes where there are minions (computer-controlled non-player characters that attack the opposing team) this gun works magic on laying down the pain in a bright red flurry of death. As a side note, try using this weapon as less of an LMG, and more of a heavy SMG for the best results.

    X-55 Devotion- (A)
    The Devotion has been the target of many, many nerfs over the years, though still remains a strong contender in the LMG department. Take everything that I said about the Spitfire, and add in a ramp-up fire rate, and boom, the Devotion. Though this is made up for with a sluggish fire rate to start with, the longer you fire, the faster the Devotion fires. Of note, the only reason that this is lower than the Spitfire is due to the fact that the magazine size severely inhibits your staying power. You can lock down a hallway with this Spitfire for a long time, but the Devotion, not so much. Try to play more passive and punish overconfident players, and you’ll see the results come pouring in.

    Sniper Rifles
    Of note, almost every single one of the sniper rifles is a very poor choice to use unless you have practiced for a very long time to get good with the weapon, or the sightlines in the map allow for it. Also, be sure to take a pistol you are extremely comfortable with as a sidearm/ plan-B. I personally recommend the RE-45 Auto, strictly for the rate of fire.

    Kraber-AP Sniper- (F)
    This controversial rifle has some excellent potential for it. If you can hit your shots reliably, you can easily decimate foes before they even see you, much less, get close to you. However, with the projectile this gun fires being a bit odd to pick up at first, and the sheer amount of time between shots, not to mention the lengthy reload, enemies, can easily punish you for missing, often ending in your death. Very high risk, even higher reward, though most of the time, inconsistent.

    D-2 Double Take- (F)
    See above. Seriously, this gun is strictly inferior to the Kraber and even more so to the G2A5. Stay away if you wish to do well with any consistency.

    Longbow-DMR- (A)
    Also known more simply as the DMR, this rifle is the only sniper rifle you should ever consider picking up unless you’re going for “epic 360 trick-shot no-scopes” with the Kraber or Double Take. With a semi-auto rate of fire, and excellent damage and accuracy statistics, as well as some of the best-ranged damage in the game, this sniper rifle, is your best bet when going for long-range precision eliminations.


    EVA-8 Auto- (F)
    This undersized shell-belcher used to be one of the best close-range weapons in the game for a long time, though more recently, after a multitude of nerfs, it has sunk to the bottom of the close-range bin. Occasionally able to 1 shot within melee distance (but at that point, just going for the melee will be far more reliable, and with hit registration being the way it is, that’s saying something) though anything out of that touching distance can take anywhere from 2-5 shots just to kill, and assuming your opponent isn’t playing with their monitor off, they should easily and quickly kill you. You’d be better off using confetti poppers to harm your opponents.

    Mastiff- (A)
    What used to be something of a joke weapon has recently been buffed into relevancy once again. Ensuring a very consistent 1-shot-kill within a medium to close range, and when aiming for the head, kills come even easier, as, with a favorable damage multiplier, death arrives in a flaming fan of shotgun shots for anyone in front of you. Of a side note, be sure to use mobility and close quarters to your advantage for the best results.


    Sidewinder SMR- (A)
    This weapon is either excellent or completely obsolete and as such, I have to put in the middle of the scale. This weapon can melt titans and especially if you hit them on their critical spot (usually on their cockpit/ on the nose) and commands attention from any titan who wants to live. Versus pilots on the other hand, while it doesn’t flounder, it is certainly worse than most other choices, being most comparable to an underpowered L-STAR as your projectiles have travel time and deal little damage over time.

    EPG-1- (A)
    I was extremely tempted to put this weapon in “S” tier, for its favorable titan damage and 1-shot-kill on direct hits to pilots, but chose to put it into “A” tier for the sake of the low fire rate and slower reload, and ease of enemies to punish misses. You essentially gamble your aim versus your opponents, if you’re better, you instantly win the engagement, and if you miss, they have a window to cause an upset and kill you instead. For this reason, it is advised to play to this weapons strength when using it. Keep to the high ground, and rain down hell. Aiming down allows for you to have an easier time hitting enemies, ensuring that even if you miss, your shot will still deal some damage. Of a side note, this is great against minions.

    R-6P Softball- (F)
    This weapon is either incredible or straight-up-trash with virtually no middle ground. You either hit the pilot, or you miss and lose instantly. The projectiles fired by the Softball are adhesive and have a short fuse time after firing. You can use this to plan and make traps behind you if you know someone is chasing you, but in terms of direct combat, you effectively give any aware pilot a free ticket to take you with them and kill you before the explosion. Not a great choice against pilots or titans, though great against minions.

    EM-4 Cold War- (A)
    This is effectively a mix between the Softball and the Hemlok, taking the best parts of both. The accuracy and high burst of the Hemlok and the explosive wield of the Softball. This weapon when used by an experienced player can lay waste not only to pilots, and Titans but is the thing that all minions should fear. Shooting the door of a minion pod is effectively free points for you and your team. By far the most consistent choice, and a great grenadier weapon all around. On a side note, I would recommend a high-powered sidearm, as if you land any shot with the Cold War, you can easily clean off any kills with a strong secondary, particularly the Wingman.


    Wingman Elite- (S)
    This is quite literally a pocket sniper rifle with perfect hip fire recoil and is a reliable 2 shot at all ranges, and if combined with headshots or amped weapons, is simply broken in its raw damage power. For a sense of scale, this gun, when used to hit a titan’s critical spot can actually compete for the DPS of anti-titan weapons. Simply good, and reliable.

    SA-3 Mozambique- (A)
    An excellent alternative to the hand cannon that is the Wingman Elite, and a very strong choice. Often overshadowed by the Wingman, this fiery revolver is a great choice for good close-range damage. Just be mindful of the travel time and funky spread, and keep to close combat areas, and watch the kill-feed light up.



    RE-45 Auto- (A)
    A great, fully automatic mag-dump (basically a spray and pray weapon) of a secondary only to be used as a “PANIC” button after whiffing your primary’s entire clip. A great Plan-B weapon and particularly useful with 1-shot or slow reloading weapons like sniper rifles and grenadiers.

    Hammond P2016- (A)
    A fairly (take that with a grain of salt) accurate pistol with a slightly smaller magazine than the RE-45 but with a much better damage potential if used more conservatively. Great for general use, and a great choice for a suppressor if you feel like being stealthy and practical.

    B-3 Wingman- (A)
    A watered-down version of his superstar older brother, the Wingman Elite, the B-3 is an excellent “oh god I whiffed almost all of my shots” gun, as it has uncontestably the best damage of any secondary pistol making it a great weapon for assault rifles and SMG’s for when your spray goes horribly wrong. Of note, be sure to ADS if you can while using this pistol, as it leads to far better results, and can even be used as a surrogate sniper rifle if you are using a close-range weapon and need to pick off a long-range enemy at low health.


    Charge Rifle- (S)
    Quite possibly the very best anti-titan and anti-pilot hybrid in the game. The Charge Rifle with the charge hack attachment allows for technically the highest possible anti-titan DPS (in practice, however, people tend to notice a giant glowing laser beam coming from the same spot every time) and without it, it becomes a better sniper rifle than most of the normal sniper rifle primaries for anti-pilot gameplay. An excellent choice and most people’s first pick.

    MGL Mag Launcher- (A)
    This magnetic grenade launcher has a great habit of curving projectiles to pump out damage against titans and also has great crowd control capabilities. See a clump of enemies? It’s the MGL’s time to shine. See a heavily contested objective? It’s the MGL’s time to shine. See a titan that has the low ground against you? Spam at them from around a corner, and let gravity work its magic. A very versatile anti-titan weapon.

    LG-97 Thunderbolt- (S)
    This hulking box fires a sort of projectile that acts as a floating sentry. Basically, anything that gets near the ball of lightning that this thing can fire gets a nasty shock, and in particular, titans hate it. This weapon can also be used as a fire and forget gun, as the projectile is extremely slow but very effective. It will travel in a straight line from where you fire to where you’re looking. So, get somewhere safe, aim at a group of titans, fire, repeat and watch your Titan meter and damage go up lightning fast. This is probably one of the safest, and most efficient strictly anti-titan weapons out there.

    Archer- (F)
    This anti-titan weapon can never seem to be balanced. First, it was broken, then it was even more broken, and now it sits at the bottom of the bin with regards to anti-titan weapons, for 2 reasons. It does literally nothing against pilots and requires a large open exposure time in order to lock on. The Archer requires that you stand in sight of a titan, slowly lock onto them, and then fire an easily evaded, relatively slow rocket that takes forever to reload. Though if it actually does hit (mind you the titan either has to be distracted or brain dead to not hear the loud beep of an Archer locking on) it deals quite a lot of damage. But alas, this good burst damage is simply not enough to make it worth using.

    Pilot Kits

    Kit 1
    I’ll be brief, most of these aren’t worth using.

    Power Cell- (F)
    Doesn’t provide anywhere near a significant enough boost to tactical cooldown times to be worth it.

    Fast Regen- (S)
    This is the only kit you should EVER use outside of LTS (Last Titan Standing). The resource of health in this game is extremely scarce, and having more health more often is just something you cannot afford to give up, EVER.

    Ordinance Expert- (F)
    The ability to have more ordinance and see projected travel isn’t worth it whatsoever when compared to more health more often. It’s just the way it is.

    Phase Embark- (A)
    This is the only kit you should ever use outside of normal play. You should only equip this when playing LTS and only then. Be sure to switch back to Fast Regen after the match unless you’re playing another round.

    Kit 2

    I’m going to be rather quick with these as well.

    Kill Report- (A)
    Good for seeing where the enemies are congregating, and where team fights are happening, though usually an inferior choice.

    Wallhang- (F)
    In a movement shooter like Titanfall 2, taking a kit that blatantly makes you an easy, stationary target, is absolutely a no go. If you want to stay on a wall, find a corner, and continue to wallrun back and forth between the two, you will maintain your height advantage without wasting a kit slot.

    Hover- (F)
    See Wallhang.

    Low Profile- (S)
    The ability to be completely silent when moving in a movement shooter is extremely powerful in terms of stealth, and ambush. Additionally, the ability to steal batteries from enemy titans via rodeo silently is super valuable if you can get away with it. It’s rather risky though. On a side note, if you’re going for a battery-thief playstyle, consider running Phase Shift or Stim to get out of sticky situations and prevent the enemy from just killing you and getting their battery back.

    Titan Hunter- (S)
    If you are trying to get your titan down fast, this is the kit for you. Using things like the Thunderbolt, and Charge Rifle (Charge Hack) will allow you to build really quickly and drop your titan exceptionally fast.

    Here are the good ones to use:
    Amped Weapons: More damage is never a bad thing.
    Pilot Sentry: Easy kills for no input. Be sure to set it down with its back to a wall.
    Battery Boost: Free health/shield and core charge for your Titan from the beginning. Or play as a titan “medic” for your team.
    Smart Pistol: Disgustingly overpowered aim-locking instant-kill weapon. Shame on you for using this.
    Dice Roll: Most of the time, you’ll be getting a boost for cheaper than normal, but occasionally get screwed over with a bad roll. I’m looking at you Holo Pilot Nova.


    There are 3 classes of titans in this game. Strider (3 health bars), Nova (4 health bars) and Ogre (5 health bars). Just so you know, 1 bar of health is 2,500 hit points and a full shield, regardless of titan, is another 2,500 hit point. Also, of note, for ANY THIRD TITAN KIT, TAKE DOME SHIELD, NOT WARPFALL.


    Northstar- (A)
    Excellent long-range damage output and good burst damage. Flight Core should be used on single titan elimination, or as a last ditch before you die. However, Flight Core is just a slightly worse Salvo Core which exposes you, and with so little health, that’s a bad thing. She’s a sniper titan, plain and simple. Of note, make sure to aim for the critical points on titans, highlighted in red.
    Best Kit choices:
    Kit 1: Turbo Engine, or Overcore, Or Nuclear Eject (be sure to ensnare titans before using your Nuke for the best results)
    Kit 2: Piercing Shot (great for punishing grouping up titans), Enhanced Payload (a good way to deter pilots and titans from taking an area) or Viper Thrusters (better maneuverability while exposed can be a godsend)

    Ronin- (S)
    Excellent burst damage and a buffed ranged melee combined with excellent hit and run capabilities put this titan very close to the top. Utilize your movement and abilities to harass enemies, finish off low titan targets, kill pilots whenever you can, and use your sword block any time you aren’t directly engaging with another titan or trying to cover ground. Use your Sword Core to increase your melee damage and use sword block with it active to reduce ALL DAMAGE BY UPWARDS OF 90%.
    Best Kit Choices:
    Kit 1: Overcore, or Nuclear Eject or Counter Ready
    Kit 2: Ricochet Rounds (excellent for dealing with pesky pilots better than you already do), or Thunderstorm (arc waves 1-shot-break any shield except Ion’s), or Temporal Anomaly (better maneuverability and “get out of jail free” cards)


    Ion- (S)
    Incredible burst damage rivaled only by Northstar, combined with area denial and consistent damage in the Splitter Rifle, and you have the best generalist titan in the game with a touch of sniping potential. Use your Laser Shot to peek corners quickly and deal massive damage while deterring titans and pilots from engaging with your tripwires. If worst comes to worst, throw up a Vortex Shield and soak up all that damage and reflect it right back. Of note, instead of cooldowns, Ion functions on an energy pool (kind of like mana) that s present on the left side of your screen, so be sure to keep an eye on it.
    Best Kit Choices:
    Kit 1: Overcore, or Turbo Engine
    Kit 2: Entangled Energy (Great for recharging your energy in a pinch and allows you to utilize your Laser Shot more), or Zero-Point Tripwire (you can now use your tripwires like C4/ satchel charges and just throw tripwires at titans for great burst damage/ punishing bad positioning), or Grand Cannon (Laser Core is one of the most damaging cores in the game, and making it last longer is really broken).

    Tone- (S+)
    The antithesis of fun, and the most broken titan in the game. Seriously. Tone has the ability to 1-shot-kill any pilot from any range almost instantly and barely has to aim to do so. After you hit a Titan 3 times in a row with your 40mm Cannon, you can press the “Q” button to instantly fire homing rockets that deal 2,500 damage (1 full bar of health) alone. You can also put up a shield wall that negates 100% of incoming damage. And with Sonar Lock, you can see enemies through walls. Your core fires an unholy number of rockets that can be guided with your crosshair, and whenever they hit, they melt that target. You can take the titan with the most health in the game from full to dead in under a second.
    Best Kit Choices:
    Kit 1: Overcore, or Turbo Engine
    Kit 2: Literally any, they’re all super overpowered. Use Reinforced Particle Wall if you want to fully commit to the cancer lifestyle.

    Monarch- (S)
    Monarch is the epitome of being either hot garbage or god tier, well above Tone. This massive gap is due to the fact that unlike other titan cores, Monarch’s cores function as miniature upgrades, consistently improving abilities bit by bit with each core used/ upgrade applied. This also allows for a great amount of customizability within Monarch’s kits. Play smart, and modestly to earn your upgrades, then flatten the field once you have reached your peak performance.
    Best Kit Choices:
    Kit 1: Overcore, Counter Ready (only use if paired with Maelstrom Core) or Turbo Engine
    Kit 2: Energy Thief (free health and shields from executing other titans is never a bad idea), Survival of The Fittest (running backup battery with this allows you to save yourself from a doomed state and can be very practical for being a survivalist)
    Core Upgrades:
    Core 1: Arc Rounds (good for a DPS centered playstyle) or Missile Racks (far superior burst damage and spacing capability)
    Core 2: Rearm and Reload (great general improvement to your best ability), or Maelstrom (use with Counter Ready to use your electric smoke as basically an additional ability for defensive play)
    Core 3: XO-16 Accelerator (good for a DPS centered playstyle), Superior Chassis (literally free health and better survivability. The best core upgrade in general)


    Scorch- (F)
    On its own, Scorch seems extremely good at area denial and sustained damage, however on closer inspection, unless playing around his strengths, Scorch lacks quite a bit in comparison to other titan’s damage and consistency. Scorch straight up loses in any situation where an enemy can have a cover or long-range sightlines on you. Scorch isn’t particularly bad or underpowered, and when played to his strengths, can have an extremely dominant presence on the map, though he is simply lacking in genralist abilities in comparison to other titans.
    Best Kit Choices:
    Kit 1: Turbo Engine, Overcore
    Kit 2: Tempered Plating (honestly Scorch is much more difficult to play well without this and should be the default choice), or if you’re feeling spicy, Scorched Earth (this plus Overcore and the Battery Backup boost can be a really powerful area denial tool, though this is still worse than Tempered Plating)

    Legion- (A)
    Legion is quite possibly the single most FPS (First-Person-Shooter) titan to ever exist. Everything you can use in terms of abilities is focused ENTIRELY around your gun. Use your Power Shot to get better spacing with close-range, and to effectively become a budget sniper at long range. Use your Mode Switch to switch between close range damage or long-range damage with a doubled rate of ammo consumption. Finally, use your Gun Shield to bolster your staying power against multiple titans, and immediately pop it with your Smart Core. Which brings me to the best thing about this titan, the core. Smart Core gives you infinite ammo and a perfectly tracking infinite range aimbot (the computer automatically locks on to and fires at all enemies) with your minigun. Yeah, it’s as powerful as it sounds.
    Best Kit Choices:
    Kit 1: Turbo Engine, or Overcore
    Kit 2: Enhanced Ammo Capacity (more bullets=less problems), or Sensor Array (even more aimbot and damage output), and the best choice, Hidden Compartment (allows for you to basically evolve into a fat Northstar with great sustainable damage)

    I believe that just about does it. Let me know your opinions and suggested changes, thanks! (Keep the game alive bois)

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