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    Default GameTracker Top 5 Worldwide

    GameTracker Top 5 Worldwide
    4/16/19 | Artist: Coder | Writer: Arbiter | Editor: xValence | #csgo #jb #gametracker

    Jailbreak has been a core, custom gamemode in Counter-Strike all the way since Source. Almost three and a half years ago, a community known as Prestige Gaming opened up its first CS:GO Jailbreak server. All this time later, the server is still thriving thanks to a dedicated group of administrators and a lovely player base.

    Just last week, a new milestone has been reached. The EdgeGamers CS:GO Jailbreak has entered the Top 5 US CS:GO servers. In that category, Jailbreak is now ranked #2 globally for US CS:GO servers.

    Additionally, the EdgeGamers group has moved into the Top 10 groups on GameTracker, at rank 6.

    If this is any indication, our servers will continue to gather popularity over the next coming months and years.

    Thank you for supporting our servers!

    Check EdgeGamers out on Social Media:
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    #2 US and #9 World Wide.

    TTT is #12 US so that means we need to pump out our activity on TTT and get that into the top 10 so we can be one of the few to have multiple servers in top 10
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    Heck yes! Kind of suprised that there's soo much zombie escape servers. If you check at the maps in the top 10 then a bunch of them have ze.
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    Join my Discord server, very active, daily give aways and over 5k members! If you're from Edge-Gamers, you'll be given a special role. Join now!

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