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View Poll Results: Are you ready for Game of Thrones season 8?

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  • Yes

    37 36.27%
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    15 14.71%
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    31 30.39%
  • What is Game of Thrones?

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    YES!!! I'm so freaking excited, it's been 2 years now! I'm going over to a friends house, with 2 other friends, we're watching it together.
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    I never understood why it's super over hyped...
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    While I'm a fan, I particularly enjoy annoying other fans by getting things just slightly wrong. Not wrong enough for them to bother correcting me; but enough to make them wince. Things like:
    -call it Game of the Thrones
    -occasionally refer to characters by their titles, like Sansa of House Stark, Davos of House Seaworth. Then throw in Jon of House Snow.
    -The Night's King, or the King of the Night
    -Dragon's Glass
    -the Throne of Iron (I usually get called out on this one)
    -The Wild Things who live north of the Wall
    -mix up Bronn and Bran
    -mix up House Tully and House Tarly
    -swords made of Valdarian steel
    -very carefully slip in minor LotR details, like mention the Dead Marshes when talking about Moat Cailin

    Have fun!

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    I haven't watched this show before.
    I'm honestly kind of a cinnamon roll

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