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    Default Favorite car, favorite gun, favorite band.

    I think the title explains it! List your favorite car, gun, and band. I'm not on here often enough so I figured this would start some conversation.

    Ford Gran Torino is my favorite car
    Favorite gun is the PKM
    Favorite band is DEATH GRIPS YUH
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    Since I don't have a favorite car, I have a favorite plane. Favorite gun is a Savage Arms .223. and music, anything besides rap.

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    Yellow 2019 Dodge Charger
    Yellow Chevrolet Corvette C7

    Gun: Dunno yet.

    Band: OK GO is all that comes to mind in terms of bands, but I do listen to a lot of instrumental/classical music so it'd be hard to pick a favorite.
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    i do not know the first thing about cars so i dont have a favourite one

    favourite gun would probably be the pancor jackhammer

    favourite band is also probably death grips
    noided gang
    www <3

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    Dodge Challenger Hellcat


    GAU-8 Avenger



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    ok so:

    favourite car: ‘67 impala ss

    gun: the russian ak 203 :0

    band: rarity
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    1973 Plymouth Barracuda with 426ci Hemi. (and I'm a Ford guy)

    Colt Delta Elite (1911 chambered for 10mm)

    Rage Against the Machine, Midnight Oil, or The Alarm.
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    @2sl0w has my favorite car.

    Old western, lever-action 30-30.

    I love too many bands to list a favorite.
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