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    Question Ideas for the Future?

    Anyone have any new ideas they'd like to post for the future? Maybe something along the lines of new plugins to protect the innocent players from explicit words, or maybe just some tips for plugin management?

    Or, for the h*ll of it, why not give some new ideas for the servers to thrive on?
    Of course, after the pG and eGO merge, the Hightower server has been the most popular server to date, I haven't seen a more populated server since casual was introduced and everyone scrammed to level up their ranks! So, why not some pointers to make the server better? Updated plugins? Fixed problems with gameME? (I'm starting to sound like a changelog)
    Or even making some rules more prominent instead of: "Let the moderators tell the users where to go for the rules instead of telling them every individual rule." (After a while, it gets annoying that no one bothers to type /rules in chat.

    In my honest opinion, the server could use a fix for some things like gameME not showing in chat but still logging the points. The map having a really odd time for a map reset (People come off of work around 4-5pm and the server resets at 5:30 so why not something like 4am? I never see people on at 4am unless they want to just practice a jump or something). The list could go one for a few more items.

    So, what's your thoughts?
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    Just a note about GameMe: We have tried to fix things with it already and really cannot. We have 0 control over it since Abdul had it, and he is extremely MIA. For us to fix it and get things on the right track we'd have to move it the eGO GameMe - which we can't migrate statistics over to, so players would lose what they have (which most people don't like). Tech dug into it fairly deep for the chat issues and just can't figure it out, if I recall - there's deeper issues here and it's hard when we can't have full access to the the whole thing.

    Really miss when we all hosted our own HLXStats servers, way back when. Was convenient for moments like this

    When you refer to server reset, is this an actual server hard reset we are talking about, or just a map rotation that "resets" the server at that time? Just to be clear on things.

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    I'd love maps/events to be able to be somewhere where it used to be. :D
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    I have always been thinking about european friendly events like some lobbies with you guys, i'll go medic <3

    No for real I think this is a really important thread, very thoughtful. Everyone, please share your ideas !

    Have a good week-end ladies and gentlemen
    have any questions about becoming a real doctor? PM me !

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