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    Is there a EdgeGamers clan for League of Legends and if so how do I Join?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanorlin View Post
    I can start one if people want me to?
    Hey! Wouldn't start one using Edgegamers name - you technically cannot do that. Upper management would have to start it for you so it stays within eGO's control. There's some legalities to it actually.

    We used to have a pretty big League presence around here but it's really died off over the years, big time. You might find some people to play with, but, we haven't seen enough interest in League for some time to do much support for it.

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    The league chat room we had got removed in a client update sometime ago.

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    I would love to join an EdgeGamers clan group in LoL. So if anyone has any news of that dont be afraid to contact me

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