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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorium View Post
    I don't think he's being serious...
    I hope not, the man is speaking some straight facts
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    Emmmmm, My first reaction was that it was a film classification......PG-13

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    I want my =[pGO]= tag to become official
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sl0w View Post
    Per this news post:

    We are changing our name to Prestige Gaming. Please vote on what you think the best in game acronym will be.


    You know what, I'm more surprised that 2slow is posting on the forums then I am at the name change.

    And PGO sounds better anyway.

    Arnarbatman made this one

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    Can we just Ditch eGO? They haven't demoted @EpicFlamingos and won't get rid of admins. Here are some tags we could use,
    Recruit- -pg-
    Junior- [pG]
    Member =[pG]=

    But for real can we get a Zombie Escape or Murder back?
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    (p)restige (G)aming (O)rganization.

    Recruit = -pGO-
    Junior = [pGO]
    Senior = =[pGO]=
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulligey View Post
    This is bullshit! Why are we changing our name! We r ego, not prestige! They are smaller than us, why are we taking their name? This is absolute bull-****ing-shit! I cant stand this shit any longer. Bye ego!
    I'm honestly kind of a cinnamon roll

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