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View Poll Results: Will you be getting Borderlands 3?

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  • Yep!

    39 25.32%
  • No.

    65 42.21%
  • Not sure yet

    34 22.08%
  • What is Borderlands?

    16 10.39%
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    Default Will you be getting Borderlands 3?

    Will you be getting Borderlands 3?

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    I will most definitely be getting this game.

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    Yes 100%
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    Yep. I have thoroughly enjoyed all Borderlands games and will be happy to pick this one up too! Planning some PC upgrades too, so I'll be all set for it.

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    I mean I love the series, but it's way too early to tell if I'll get it or not. Gearbox has had some really screwy moves since BL2, and just because I liked the earlier entries doesn't mean this one has no chance of being a steaming pile of garbage.

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    Absolutely. The franchise is pure freaking GOLD.
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    I change my vote to no because it's apparently an epic store exclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satan View Post
    I change my vote to no because it's apparently an epic store exclusive
    Ugh I know right? It sucks that we have to download a different launcher for $30, give our SS numbers to Epic and sell an arm and a leg to buy BL3 now.*

    Yes I most likely will be getting it.

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    only 6 months exclusive, and you support the creators more on epic than steam, even though the launcher is not that great... However, i could play my epic games when steam was down last night in all but US.
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    Well now I'm not going to support the creators at all lol
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