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    Default What are you excited for at E3?

    I am excited for DOOM Eternal

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    im excited for for doom eternal as well

    -pg- late 2017
    [pG] 6/23/18
    left 9/2/18
    =(e)= 4/10/19
    =(eG)= 6/7/19
    =(eGO)= never lol

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    Honestly, might be the only one but I'm definitely looking forward to the new Watch Dogs.

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    I’m looking for a game that has content ready on release and one that won’t get my hopes up then shatter my heart into millions of pieces

    But lowkey doom and that Star Wars game look alright

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    Literally anything that’s not a battle royals.

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    I just want this E3 to be better than last years

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