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View Poll Results: Have you seen Captain Marvel?

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  • Yes

    31 27.43%
  • No

    52 46.02%
  • I will soon

    17 15.04%
  • Just waiting for others means of watching it...

    9 7.96%
  • Other (Please explain)

    4 3.54%
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    Marvel movies just dont do it for me.. same cookie cutter bullshit with glossy and overedited VFX.

    Much rather take a good thriller or suspense /sci-fi over the annoying trend of superhero / anti-hero / edgy-hero movies that are a dime a dozen each year.

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    Saw it the day it came out. Best parts were the 90s references and the cat. I found the rest of it to be bland, with the action scenes making me motion sick cause they had such a shaky camera

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    I saw captain marvel twice during opening weekend, and i would recommend people to see it i thought it was great!

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