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    Default Clan Wide Meeting: 3/23/19

    Clan Wide Meeting: 3/23/19
    3/23/19 | #community #meeting #edgegamers

    As mentioned in the “An End of February Update” post, we were to hold a Clan Wide Meeting on March 16. However, a few things came up last minute which has led to us pushing back the Clan Wide Meeting to another date.

    The new date for the Clan Wide Meeting is today, March 23, 2019, at 9:00 PM ET on our TeamSpeak server.

    If you aren’t able to make it, a recording of the meeting will be posted after it concludes.

    Check EdgeGamers out on Social Media:
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    I know we always get a recording uploaded, but could someone from media start taking a few short notes of announcements or topics brought up that may be worthwhile? I don't really want to skim through or listen to a recording.
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    i was sleeping but the recording is funny :D espically with the mustard and oreo, i was always wondering why he had a medal like that XD
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